Friday, 21 June 2013

Blog planning sheets

Now that I've got time to blog again, I've got a lot of ideas for upcoming blog posts that I want to write and post. I started writing titles down in my diary - but this doesn't give much scope for long titles, changes and a general record of when things have been written and are ready to go. So I grabbed an old to-do list and made my own blog post record sheet!

filofax to do blog list

So what's going on on this insert? Well, it's slightly customised as you can see. Here's a closer view:

filofax to do blog lists

The first row is the title of the blog post and any specifics I need to put in (for instance, the name of the polish I'm featuring). The second row, split into three sections, is the most important - on the left I have a check box for whether or not I've written the post yet (W), then a box for whether or not I've photographed the things I need for the post (Ph) and finally, the date that I'm going to post the piece on. Some of them have dates but some of them have 'queue' written in this box - these are my back up, 'Oh man, I haven't got time to blog today!' throw away posts that are a bit generic and I can just log on and post it without having to worry about what I'm writing when I'm short of time. The two different colours represent my two different blogs; my nail and beauty blog is in pink and this blog is in blue. This helps me keep track of how many posts I've written for each one and when I posted them so that I don't post too much on one and not enough on the other.

By knowing what I want to write I can be sure that I won't have writers block and when I've got a spare evening, I can sit down and work on one of my posts! Win! The only problem is... this was my last sheet of 'to do' lists so I'm going to have to figure out whether I want to buy a new pack (hopefully in cotton cream does anyone know if they do them?) and customise them myself again or if I want to try and make my own up. Decisions, decisions...

Does anyone else plan their blog posts? How do you do it?


  1. I haven't planned any blog posts as such, but I am going to try to design a page so I can start planning!

    1. Good luck! I'd love to see it when you're done :) xx


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