Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dilemma... again.

Now that the end of uni is very much insight I need to figure out what to do with the two filofaxes I don't use - my pocket Domino (you can read about it's discovery here) and my A4 zip Metropol (previous post detailing it's major failings here). My personal Finsbury is definitely staying right where it is, but these two may soon find themselves on the Adspot or ebay...

The Domino has been sat in my desk for the last 6 months picking up dust. I started using it as a nail varnish catalogue but I've found Evernote to be better for this, and my passion for nail polish is starting to wane somewhat as I have no money to buy it and my nails are in awful condition from too much acetone :( Since I got it from a charity shop, and it's in fairly 'well loved' condition, I might just donate it back into the system again.

The saga of the Metropol is definitely ongoing... in the end, I did store my uni notes for my dissertation etc. in it but the diary was quickly removed and it became a glorified ringbinder. After uni I want to take up learning languages again but I'm unsure whether it will be worth keeping hold of just for this sake. I'd need to spruce up the dividers (and maybe finish my drawings on them, 'cos that never happened...) but unless I was writing comprehension out, or self testing, I can't see myself using it that much. Another option is using it as a pure financial records holder; something that I need to learn but equally for someone who is *awful* with numbers something that is quite daunting.

Sigh. It's tricky! Moving into a smaller flat has definitely got my 'GET RID OF ALL POSSESSIONS' urges going :/


  1. I have been on somewhat of a "cleaning spree" myself and have sold most of the things I have around the house that aren't being used to their full potential. That included a lot of my Filofaxes. My motto: if it's not being used (as Filofaxes should!), get rid of it. It's helped a lot and now I'm down to just the handful that I absolutely love and rotate on a regular basis. If you can't find any use for them, there is always someone out there who will. G'luck! :)

    Carla from www.yayforfridays.com

    1. Thanks Carla :) My metropol is not used at all right now so it may be time for a little spring clean! x


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