Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My week 17/06/13 - 23/06/13

In an effort to brighten my planner up a bit, I've been experimenting with washi tape and diving the diary pages up. I don't think I'll stay in the standard FF diary insert next year - the weekends annoy me, the design feels stuffy and I find it really uninspiring. Hopefully by January I'll have a decent enough job so that I can afford some nice expensive inserts! 

My apologies for the large pixelated bits, those are secret blog post ideas that you can't see yet! Since finishing uni I've not been doing much really, which is why my diary is basically a workout log right now. I should be starting work at the end of July though and when I do I can start pole dancing again (a hobby I picked up at uni) and can join a few clubs or something so that I'm not so bored! I do have a possible little project that I may be unveiling in a few weeks time if all goes to plan... So watch this space. 

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