Friday, 24 August 2012

Introducing my filofaxes

I have two filofaxes - a personal sized pink (pink? rose? I dunno) Finsbury and a black A4 zipped metropol. The second is, unfortunately rather boring to look at on the outside, and currently even more boring to look at on the inside, as it's my university folder; so is currently being used as an occasional diary and not much else. The first, however, is quite pretty and fun!

A brief snap of the initial view inside

I will at a later date, do a post or four about the insides of these two beauties, but for now all that's needed is a little sneak-y peek!

I envision this blog as a place for me to squee about awesomely cute stationery, keep an update on my life through my filofaxes, and share a little bit of wanton enthusiasm for material items with some like minded people!

Nat x

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