Thursday, 11 October 2012

My diary

Ok, so it's not a Filo post! But it should hopefully be interesting.

I love reading other people's stationery blogs, especially when they post how they're using their tools to organise their life. Most people seem to use a Filofax but as per my previous post you guys know that currently, I don't!

Instead, I use this beauty:

It's from Paperchase, and was a birthday present from my gorgeous sister!

During the holidays, it didn't get much use... I think this was my busiest day...

However, take a look at the last three weeks, in which I've done freshers and started year three of my Psychology degree (eek!)

Phew! It's been hectic here! As you can see, there's not a massive amount of space in my diary for writing things down each day. So I have to use post it notes stuck on the divider to make sure I can see clearly where I'm going and at what time! The first 'checked' page shows my little key for my diary, I stuck to that about a week... The trouble is, the pens I used to colour code it with don't fit in my pencil case and I can't carry them round with me!

I suppose the biggest advantage of this diary is I have an in-built to do list on the checkered side of the page. The biggest disadvantage is that I'm used to using day per page diaries and the day slots are just so damn tiny! It is however pretty and I've got space at the back to write up a detailed blow by blow account of my (for this semester) three assignments and one exam. It also has address pages and a zip pocket at the back. It's very practical!

I'm hoping this will become a weekly slot, but who knows!

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