Sunday, 7 October 2012

Having a major Filo-fail...

Not posted a lot because a) my new uni house that I moved into two weeks ago doesn't have internet yet and b) I've majorly crashed and burned as a Filofax user recently.

I have three filofaxes. My pocket Domino is working alright as a nail varnish catalogue, but it's just a bit... meh. I've got some more paper for it from Paperchase but I don't feel wowed by it. It's just a bit of clutter really at the moment.

My personal Finsbury is currently languishing on my desk at uni (yes, I didn't even bring it home with me for the long weekend I'm back, shameful!) as I just don't have a proper use for it right now. I write all my appointments and uni work in my academic diary. I don't keep a track of anything else really, having had bad experiences with trying to track 'every day' things like food intake in the past. I have my stamps in it but it's a damn expensive stamp holder!

My A4 Metropol is currently the biggest fail and bothering me the most if I'm honest. I imagined before I went back to uni that I'd take it with me to all my lectures, make notes in it, write important assignments, put handouts in it, keep a track of readings etc. but I've only had three lectures so far and already it's been left at home! For the last two years, my lectures have been in one big hall with chairs that have a desk attached - thus an A4 filo would've been the perfect solution when space is limited. However this year all my lectures are in 'proper' (American style) lecture halls where I have a wide bench in front of me to lean on - wide, but narrower than A4 so the oversized Metropol juts off the front and bangs into the head of the person sitting in front. Hence I've just been using an A4 paper pad and slotting any handouts into it before transferring to a file for future reference. Notes are then typed up and filed away. So, no need really for an A4 filofax...

Sigh. Sorely tempted to try and sell it on ebay. Opinions?


  1. Hi! As the year goes on you might find more uses for your A4 Metropole. You don't necessarily have to take it to class with you though! Your system of writing on A4 paper and inserting it later sounds good, because A4 filos can be big and bulky to carry on a daily basis. If I were you, I would add a year planner to it to mark when assignments are due and when your exams are- a big-picture perspective should help you to stay on target. How about printing the module info for each of your modules and assignments/assessments to put in your A4? If you prefer to write by hand like me, you might want to jot down ideas for assessments and early drafts in your A4 :)
    For your other filos, I find that the prettier I make mine, the happier I am to use them- stickers, stamps, washi tape, even just colourful post-its! :)

  2. Firstly don't sell anything
    Secondly stop feeling guilty that you may not have a use for certain filos all the have thick winter jumpers you don't throw them away simply because it was summer, because you knew you will need them next year... if not during the summer especially the one gone past...I totally agree with the perpetual student...
    You need to make it a habit to take it with you... and if your worried about the student in front sit at the front..I know this makes you exposed to questions sometimes... maybe you need to treat yourself every time when you remember to bring th A4 with you..just a thought...Just remember everything has a use eventually

  3. I wouldn't sell any of the filos. You will find a use for them eventually. Right now you are simply stressed out about school. The A4 would make a great sketch book in the future so even if you don't use it for class, you could simply use it as an at home organizer for your schoolwork.


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