Thursday, 20 September 2012

A new addition!

This summer I decided that since it's damn near impossible around here to find a short term paid job, I would work in a charity shop for a little while. Unfortunately this week saw my last shift but it doesn't stop me from browsing charity shops! I think working in a charity shop has given me a new found respect for shopping in them; you really can find some little gems.

Such as... *drum roll*

A pocket chocolate Domino, in fairly good nick for the princely sum of £2! The inserts are untouched (apart from the plastic surrounding) and there are just a couple of scuffs on the outside. The elastic is also slightly loose (does anyone know how to/if it's possible to tighten it?). I think it's probably been given as a gift and then not really used as there seems to be signals that it's quite old and has been left in a drawer for some time... see:

First thing to be axed - the 2009/2010 diary, methinks!
My favourite thing is it has a world map insert, haha. Such a fickle person I am :D It has a top opening wallet at the back too. Shame it's not personal size as I'd be snagging them for my Finsbury! I also love that the pen holder actually holds a pen, rather than my Finsbury which doesn't because it's too damn tight...

Here's my little filo family now: 
A4 Zipped Metropol, Personal Finsbury, Pocket Domino
Something that strikes me is how small the Domino is - it's definitely a pocket sized, all the inserts and the cover stamp say pocket; but it's nearly half the size of my personal Finsbury?! Crazy. 

Usewise I kind of went on a 'buy now, figure out uses later' approach. Current hot idea is a catalogue of all the nail varnishes I own sorted by brand and divided using the ABC tabs, and keeping a running list of what I have in my larder/fridge and what I need to buy when I do a big shop. I currently do small shopping lists on a post it note on the fly sheet of my Finsbury but for longer lists, this may be perfect! 

Does anyone else have a pocket Domino? What do you use it for? 


  1. I love the idea of a nail varnish catalogue so much - might have to bring my Paperchase pocket back into use.....

    1. Same! Plus it would probably help keep my nail varnish collection organised... X


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