Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Progression of Planning

In my last post regarding my Personal sized Finsbury, which was, ahem, over a year ago now, I was using it fairly regularly and quite enjoyed the different things I found to go in it. Now a busy full time job, gym schedule, moving house, two weddings, two deaths and a break up later - and I barely have time to use it at all.

In fact, shamefully, until I wrote this post I wasn't even sure where it was... (I blame the very recent house move for that). When I found it though, I did find a couple of weeks with the lovely diary insert that I bought off of Etsy that I thought were worth sharing -

Delving back into this blog got me thinking though - could I manage my time better, and if I could, how would I do it? Does it really just take a little bit more planning and effort to fix all the time management problems in my life? Or are some people, like myself, just destined to always be chasing their tails no matter how many Filofaxes, Dodo Pads, Midoris and Google Calendars they have?

At work I find sometimes that I forget about events until the last minute, which is not great when most of my job is focused around events and is punctuated by meetings and a long to-do list. I use a DoDo pad but for the most part, I use it just for logging in my annual leave hours. It never leaves the office - which makes it a bit pointless!

I don't even use my A4 Metropol and I have no idea where my A5 or Domino are. Shame on me!

I think I'm going to see if I can get back into using my filofaxes, otherwise in the new year it may be time to let at least one of them go.

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